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Storm Tough US Flag Construction

Best choice for 24 hour flag flying.

Heavy duty tough construction and every flag is inspected before the sale.

Strong American Flag made to Storm Tough standards meets or exceeds federal standards.

Guarantee in the box – Locked Stitched – Embroidered Stars – Sewn Stripes
Storm Tough U.S & American Flags, Durable & long lasting use in harsh weather.
Great for 24 hour flag flying, 365 days a year.

The Storm Tough® woven polyester is a very durable fabric designed for outdoor display where weather conditions are more severe than would normally be experienced, i.e., windy gorges, coastal areas, roof tops, etc. Or if you are planning to leave your flag out for extended periods (24hrs, day & night use) where sun, wind, rain and other climatic conditions might cause premature wear and tear, the Storm Tough® is the right choice.


U.S. Storm -Tough® 3×5′ click here to buy this size $48.44
U.S. Storm -Tough® 4×6′ click here to buy this size $66.56
U.S. Storm -Tough® 5×8′ click here to buy this size $103.31
U.S. Storm -Tough® 6×10′ click here to buy this size $157.52
U.S. Storm -Tough® 8×12′ click here to buy this size $224.70
U.S. Storm -Tough® 10×15′ click here to buy this size $344.40
U.S. Storm -Tough® 12×18′ click here to buy this size $457.31

Use this handy guide to select the right American Flag for your home or business.

Proper Flag Size Selection:
Flag size is based upon the height, type, wall thickness of the flagpole, and number of flags mounted to the pole.
It is important to remember that this is a guide, and aesthetic may not agree with the engineering of your pole. Call us if you need more information.

Residential Sectional Flagpoles Flag Size

15′ Flagpole


20′ Flagpole


25′ Flagpole

“Wonder Pole” Telescopic


One Piece Tapered

Flag Size

20′ Flagpole


25′ Flagpole


30-35′ Flagpole


40-45′ Flagpole


50′ Flagpole


60-65′ Flagpole


70-80′ Flagpole


90-100′ Flagpole


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